Clinic Vouchers and other Instructor Forms

All instructors:  Please use these vouchers to request payment and submit forms within one week of the class conducted.  Each instructor must fill out a separate voucher.


Most of these forms are in pdf format.  For full functionality to fill in and save forms for e-mailing, you need Adobe Reader 8.0 or later.  If you do not have that, you can click here for free download.


WNY Instructor Fees - most current fees for instructor services (Updated 2014).


Entry Class Request Form (updated 11/27/2015)  Word format  PDF format


Entry Class - Instructor Voucher (Updated 11/27/2015) - Use this form to request payment for instructors in entry classes.  The lead instructor should ensure that the form is submitted to the SDI for approval.  One form can be used for up to four payments (including DRA fees).  If more than four payments are required, please use a second form.   

PDF Format                         Word Format


Clinic Voucher (updated November 11/27/2015)- This document can be filled in on line, saved and e-mailed.  It can also be printed and mailed, but e-mail is preferred.  Please use a separate form for each instructor and for each clinic.  

PDF Format                         Word Format


Expense Reimbursement Voucher in pdf format - Use this for reimbursement of authorized expenses (mileage, tolls, etc.).  Receipts are required.  E-mail to SDI.


Fitness Test Log - Optional form for keeping track of fitness testing


Clinic sign in sheet - Generic Sign-in sheet for clinics


Insurance Certificate - USSF general insurance certificate, sometimes requested when booking facilities.


Certificate of Completion - Optional Certification to be presented to entry level students.


W-9 Form - Required for instructors receiving payment from Western NY Referee Association.  Send to WNY Treasurer.